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Manage 404 Errors
Search & Edit 301 Redirects

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Manage Your 404 Errors

Track & fix your 404 Errors to improve user experience.

Search Your 301 Redirects

Find what you're looking for without endless scrolling.

Bulk Edit & Delete Your 301 Redirects

Modify multiple redirects at once.

Get your BigCommerce store back on track.

"Not Found" 404 Errors are an unpleasant reality whether they're your fault or not. However, you can handle them faster and easier with the Swerve Redirects app for BigCommerce.

77% of people who attempt to visit a webpage and receive a 404 Error leave and never return!
Save Time & Frustration

No one likes managing 404s and 301s. Swerve’s ability to search, report, and bulk edit help your store get back in shape quickly.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Keeping 404 errors off your site ensures happy customers who find what they're looking for and stay on your site until checkout.

Maximize SEO

Don't lose your link juice! Redirects done right help search engines find you and retain most of the ranking power you worked so hard to build.

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