Case Study: Swerve Helps Search & Edit 19,000+ Redirects

About The Baby Cubby

Remember when you were a child and you had that special place where you put all of your favorite things? That was your cubby. The Baby Cubby has sold curated, high-quality products for babies, children, and moms since 2014.

Jacque and Cameron Muir’s experience as parents inspired them to start The Baby Cubby to create innovative, convenient, and fun shopping experiences for parents.

They research their products for hours so they can answer any question a customer has. That way, their customers can spend their time on the things that are really important in life, like their new baby.

Their product offering includes everything from stylish diaper bags, clothing, and toys to car seats, strollers, and feeding supplies. Popular brands include UPPAbaby, Nuna, Freshly Picked, Fawn Design, Little Unicorn, Saranoni, Kickee Pants, Jamie Kay, Quincy Mae, and Jelly Cat.

Their online store complements their beautiful retail store in American Fork, Utah. In addition to the social presence on Facebook and Twitter, The Baby Cubby has a YouTube channel with over 11,000 subscribers. Most-watched videos include how-to’s on baby swings, strollers, and joggers.

Changing Platforms

The Baby Cubby has now been on BigCommerce for almost a year, having migrated from Magento in 2018. The move to BigCommerce was prompted by their desire to better serve their customers (especially those who couldn’t experience their retail store) with a more mobile-friendly shopping experience. They’ve found that BigCommerce has been easier to use overall, but especially in terms of listing products.

So Many 301 Redirects, So Little Time

It is common to have a large amount of redirects after a platform migration. So how do you search and edit 19,000+ 301s efficiently? That’s how many 301 redirects The Baby Cubby had created prior to installing the Swerve Redirects app. “BigCommerce doesn’t have a way to search our redirects. We were searching for a way, and Swerve popped up,” said Jackie Hall, The Baby Cubby’s Social Media and Content Director.

Jackie said, “We used to use a report that we made ourselves. We would export our redirects from BigCommerce and download the report from the search console. We would compare the two to see what already had a redirect, and then we would give a redirect to the ones that didn’t. We then imported that list back into BigCommerce as a bulk import.” Now, The Baby Cubby is about to quickly search through all 20,000 redirects to quickly find and edit a particular redirect. That time can be invested into other projects or marketing activities.

Swerve Helps Find 404 Errors …

In the first 2 months after Swerve 404 Error Tracking was activated:

1,000+ Page Not Found errors were discovered
on The Baby Cubby’s website

… and Create 301 Redirects More Efficiently

As everyone knows, time is money. Jamie, their main Swerve user, said, “Swerve has saved me a ton of time by not needing to look up individual products and their URLs. Before Swerve, each product had to be found individually, which took a good amount longer than just typing in the product’s name. It is very thorough… It’s been a fantastic app!”

Swerve Advantages for The Baby Cubby

  • 404 tracking replaces Google Search Console’s now-defunct Crawl Errors report.
  • Search feature helps find 301s quickly, eliminating individual product/URL lookups.
  • Saves time editing 301s by eliminating the use of homemade reports and a complex multi-step comparison and import/export process.

They now have over 20,000 redirects that can be searched and edited quickly, saving time and frustration.

If you’re in the market for unique baby gear and don’t have the time (or the energy!) to search for something amazing, consider making your next purchase from The Baby Cubby. In Utah, The Baby Cubby’s retail store is just fifteen minutes away from Orem, and thirty minutes outside of Salt Lake City.

Thank you to The Baby Cubby for using Swerve Redirects and for allowing us to showcase their store in this case study. We wish them much success on their BigCommerce store.

Every BigCommerce store can benefit from using Swerve Redirects as a tool in their store maintenance arsenal. Why not try Swerve today?

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